About Us

I decided to launch a new line of baby clothes for the simple reason that it is hard to find clothes for my own itty bitty that was more than just bunnies & bears. Since my little man is an extension of me, I wanted his style to also be an extension of me. And bunnies & bears were just not going to cut it. In my searches it was hard to find affordable trendy baby gear and with that I was on a mission.

Stellar baby is made with all organic cotton as well as water based inks that will be safe and non toxic for your little one. Organic fabrics that are eco friendly and environmentally sustainable was key for me. More so now that I am a new momma. The thought of putting my son in a chemically treated fabric just doesn’t sit right with me  and the thought of chemicals seeping into his pours, or in his mouth, since everything seems to end up in his mouth, I wanted to be sure that everything we made was 100% safe.

Aside from organic, our bodysuits are designed on trend with unexpected patterns you’d normally not come across on bodysuit.

We also have the ability to customize a bodysuit for you if that is what you are looking for.  Whether it be a name or a pattern that you’ve come up with, we can make it happen. No minimums required, however there will be additional costs. Send us an email and we’ll let you know what our requirements are for customizing.